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Holcomb Plans To Focus On Workforce Development In 2018

Gov. Eric Holcomb sitting in front of a crowd during a luncheon to discuss plans for the 2018 legislative session

Photo: James Vavrek

Holcomb discussed plans for workforce development and mentioned the state's potential for interstate tolling at a luncheon Tuesday.

Gov. Eric Holcomb called workforce development Indiana’s Achilles heel Tuesday at a luncheon with the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce.

He says he hopes to increase workforce development by providing resources to create a talent pipeline in Indiana’s schools.

“I want local and regional communities to not just have the flexibility but the funding to be able to support the programs that are specific to your area,” Holcomb says.

Holcomb says it’s time to focus on the 92,000 unfilled high demand jobs and giving students who attend college in Indiana an incentive to stay.

“Workforce will be what we are relentlessly and laser focused on in 2018 and 2019,” Holcomb says. “When we get it right it will catapult us even further out in front. I’m convinced.”

Holcomb says he has support among legislative leaders to increasing workforce development.

Holcomb also referenced Indiana’s state motto “Crossroads of America” in exploring interstate tolling.

“It’s definitely on the table and it’s definitely a proven way to capture out of state users using our road,” he says.

The 2018 legislative session begins in January.

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