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Highway Signs Warn Motorists Of New Texting Law


Photo: Will Merydith (Flickr)

Texting while driving is illegal in Indiana.

Hoosier motorists are being reminded about Indiana’s new texting while driving ban. Across the state this week, highway road signs will display messages about the ban.

About 50 electronic message boards on highways across Indiana will display the messages, “No Texting While Driving. It’s the Law,” and “Arrive Alive. Don’t Text and Drive.”

State police have issued 25 citations and 24 warnings for texting while driving since the law went into effect in July. Markle Senator Travis Holdman, who sponsored the bill, says just having the law in place is effective.

“We believe that there’s self-enforcement, self-compliance that’s going on,” he said. “We’re really not too concerned about the number of citations, the number of tickets that officers are writing.”

Indiana State Police spokesman Dave Bursten says the highway signs will help remind people the law was passed.

“It gives people the impetus to say, ‘Yeah, I know I really shouldn’t do it, now there’s a law that says I shouldn’t do it. I don’t want to chance getting stopped,’” he said.

The signs will be up from nine to three the rest of the week and 24 hours a day this weekend.

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