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Heat Doesn’t Always Translate to a Bigger City Pool Budget

City pools are crowded with people trying to cool off this summer, but excessive heat doesn’t always translate to a bigger budget. The average daily attendance is between 1,200 to 1,400 people.

Aquatics and Sports Coordinator, City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department, Robert Gilchrist says the pool budget is largely dependent on the revenue created at the facility.

“The excessive heat has actually done a little bit to stem the crowd. Some people are choosing not to come,” he said. “This season we started out extremely strong with the initial heat, though we had a few weeks of average temperatures, but since the last heat wave has come in it’s been a consistent crowd every day.”

Gilchrist says overall admissions are higher compared to previous years. But, along with the greater numbers, there are added costs with staff, chemical and water usage.

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