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Hamilton Proposes Solutions For Sewage Overflow Problem

Even as John Hamilton delivered his message about lowering pollution in Bloomington’s waterways, a mother and her child played in Jackson Creek behind him.

“The creek behind us, over the last few years has had literally hundreds of thousands of gallons of sewage that have been discharged into this creek directly,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton said no system is in place to warn people about sewage spills.  He said since 1996, work has been done that has reduced sewer overflow points like near college mall, from 16 to 6. Mayor Mark Kruzan said Hamilton’s information is incorrect…

“We have lowered sewer overflow points to 5, not 6. That’s a million dollar difference,” Kruzan said.

Hamilton said the city still needs to do more…

“We have a plan in place to try and improve the rest of the system, the last 6, to improve that, including over the next 8 years getting rid of 4 more sanitary sewer overflows,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said the city should use innovative “greenscaping” to lessen the environmental effect of sewage overflows, a process he said can rely heavily on volunteer labor, university or school programs.

Kruzan said the city utilities board already has an excellent plan in place to solve the problem, and that Hamilton does not articulate how he will fix the problem faster or for how much.

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