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Groups Urge Severe Weather Preparedness

Henryville tornado

Photo: Dan Goldblatt/Indiana Public Media News

Henryville High School was badly damaged by the storms.

Today kicks off National Severe Weather Preparedness Week. Organizations like the National Weather Service and American Red Cross are urging Indiana residents to take time and draft plans for severe weather.

American Red Cross Spokesperson Carol Greeley says you should always be prepared for severe weather especially in light of recent tornadoes in southern Indiana.

“Seeing those tornadoes we know it can happen. There has been a tornado in every county since 1950 so no county is exempt from tornadoes here in Indiana. So you need to be prepared. Get together your emergency preparedness kit,” Greeley says.

Greeley says emergency kits includes things like non-perishable food, lots of bottled water, weather radios, flashlights, and a good evacuation plan.

Indiana Homeland Security Executive Director Joe Wainscott says the recent tornadoes illustrate the need for preparedness.

What we know, the golden rule, I guess as it were, is that if you prepare to be a survivor then you won‘t be waiting to be a victim,” Wainscott says.

Wainscott says families that have an evacuation plan and supplies on hand tend to fare better than those who do not. However, Wainscott adds that severe weather doesn‘t discriminate.

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