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Griffy Lake To Be Drained This Summer For Two Projects

Griffy lake

Photo: Amanda Smith (Flickr)Q

There is more than two feet of sediment build-up in some parts of Griffy Lake.

Griffy Lake will be drained of most of its water this summer for two restoration projects.

Bloomington Parks and Recreation Natural Resources Manager Steve Cotter says the lake is being drained for repairs on its dam. But his department has also received a grant from the Department of Natural Resources for a sediment removal project. So while the water levels are down, a construction team will remove some of the excess dirt that has built up in the lake.

“The idea is that when the lake is drawn down, the sediments will dry out after a while, and then we’ll be able to hire somebody to take heavy machines in there and basically load the sediment on the trucks,” Cotter says.

Cotter says the fact that the lake will already be drained will make the process slightly easier and cheaper.

Natural Resources Coordinator Elizabeth Tompkins says construction projects north of the lake are contributing to the problem.

“As development upstream is created, sediment can enter into that waterway and then eventually end up downstream here at Griffy Lake,” she says.

The lake’s sediment is more than two feet deep in some places. Officials say removing that sediment will make it easier for tourists to launch boats onto the lake. They also point out the sediment disturbs the fish and other wildlife’s habitat.

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