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Gregg, Pence Disagree On Health Exchange

pence and gregg

Photo: Mike Pence and John Gregg campaigns

Mike Pence (left) and John Gregg (right) differ on how Governor Daniels should act on the federal health care act.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg has formally submitted his opinion in a letter to Governor Mitch Daniels on how the state should implement the Affordable Care Act.

Governor Daniels requested the opinions of the gubernatorial candidates on two key issues: establishing either a state-run, hybrid, or federally-managed health care exchange that would be a marketplace for insurers and consumers…and deciding what goes into the state’s essential health benefits package, which sets a minimum level of coverage insurers must offer.

Gregg and GOP opponent Mike Pence are in relative agreement on the benefits. Both candidates tout the Healthy Indiana Plan, a health insurance program for uninsured Hoosiers, as a model the state should use…though Gregg acknowledges that HIP will have to be expanded to comply with federal law.

But the two disagree on the exchange: Gregg says a hybrid system, in which the state and federal government co-run the exchange is the best option that will help reduce the state’s costs.

Pence says the state should avoid implementing the Affordable Care Act as much as possible, and should not establish an exchange. He also questions the legality of a federally-run system.

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