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Governor Dubs Debt Crises As ‘Red Menace’ in New Book

Indiana Governor

Photo: Indiana Public Media News

Governor Mitch Daniels

In his new book, “Keeping the Republic: Saving America by Trusting Americans,” Governor Mitch Daniels dubs the national debt crisis the “Red Menace,” likening it to the threat posed by communism during the Cold War.

Hoosiers have proven over and over that we can face our problems squarely.

Daniels does not claim to have the only answers, just some possible ones. That includes significant changes to Social Security, which he calls one of the single biggest parts of the country’s terrifying debt levels.

“We ought to means-test it, that is we ought to quit sending checks to these millionaires the President dislikes so much,” Daniels said. “They’re not enough to go around, we ought to concentrate the resources on the people who need them most.”

Daniels says no Republican presidential candidates have talked about the kind of solutions he is looking for. And he says his time as governor has shown that political leaders do not need to tiptoe around the public when proposing bold ideas.

“Hoosiers have proven over and over that we can face our problems squarely, that we can discuss, propose and even enact major, major changes to address them,” he said.

The governor is on the East Coast promoting his book and will return for the Indiana leg of the tour next week.

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