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Governor Calls For Summit To Simplify Tax Code

mike pence

Photo: The Office of the Governor

Gov. Mike Pence says some of Indiana's tax code has become too complicated.

Governor Mike Pence announced today  an Indiana tax summit to address simplifying the state’s tax code while making its tax climate more competitive.

Pence received an award Tuesday from the nonpartisan Tax Foundation for his and the General Assembly’s efforts to cut taxes.

The governor says he’s proud of the achievements so far but acknowledges that there’s still work to be done.  He says the tax summit will bring together Indiana officials and out-of-state experts to look at best practices from around the country and develop fresh ideas to improve the state’s tax environment.

Pence says there’s already plenty of room to simplify the Indiana tax code.

“The IT-40, for instance, filed by more than two and a half million Hoosiers in 2012, mushroomed from two pages and 28 pages of instruction to two pages, eight schedules and 63 pages of instructions in just 15 years,” he says.

The summit will take place in late June.

Pence says it will work in concert with a commission on state and local taxation the General Assembly created this past session.

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