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Gov. Holcomb Signs Executive Orders Pardoning Six People

Scales of Justice.

Photo: Steve Burns

Earlier this year Gov. Holcomb pardoned a Chicago man who served time in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

Gov. Eric Holcomb signed executive orders pardoning six people Monday.

The pardons include some people who’ve had their records expunged through Indiana’s Second Chance Act and others who served their sentences decades ago and have since not committed any crimes.

Holcomb spokesperson Stephanie Wilson says the criteria for receiving a pardon is rigorous.

“These people have to demonstrate not only that they’ve been crime-free for in some cases 30 or more years, but that they’ve dedicated their life, in some way, to improving their community,” Wilson says.

Wilson says there are no more pardon applications being considered at this time, but that Holcomb intends to consider more throughout the course of his administration.

Earlier this year, Holcomb pardoned a Chicago man named Keith Cooper who former Gov. Mike Pence denied a pardon before leaving office.

Cooper spent nearly a decade in prison for a robbery he didn’t commit. He filed a federal lawsuit earlier this month accusing Elkhart County and other defendants of violating his constitutional rights in the case.

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