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Governor Daniels Rescinds Indiana Statehouse Security Policy


Photo: Jasont82 (Wikimedia)

Governor Mitch Daniels held a press conference at the statehouse Wednesday to rescind the newly announced security policy.

Governor Mitch Daniels has rescinded the new policy that capped the number of people allowed in the Statehouse.

Daniels announced Wednesday morning that, effective immediately, access to the statehouse will return to the previous status quo. He says he made his decision after listening to debate over the issue and conferring with legislative leaders.

“We want Indiana to maintain a reputation as open to the public debate as much as possible,” Daniels says.

State officials, concerned about safety, created the policy. Daniels says he does not want to dismiss their  concerns, but for now, wants to err on the side of openness.

“If at some stage, as I say, there’s a risk to safety, security, the rights of others then we’ll entertain, or they have instructions to bring forward some different recommendation,” he says.

Daniels says the state Fire Marshall will continue to monitor the number of people in the building to ensure a hazardous condition is not created.

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