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“You Can Be Good Without God” Debate Packs Woodburn Hall

IU students and members of the Bloomington community packed inside Woodburn Hall auditorium to hear the controversial debate regarding the Bloomington Transit bus advertisement, “You Can Be Good Without God.”

Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, and Dan Waugh, associate pastor at Evangelical Community Church in Bloomington, discussed the reasoning behind the bus ads.

“God is a delusion, God does not exist,” said Barker. “There’s no evidence of the existence of God; there’s no coherent definition of a god. There’s no agreement among believers as to the nature of the moral principles of God.”

Waugh, the pastor, countered that God is what defines good and without a definition of good from the Bible then people will resort to their own self interests.

“Science and reason do a fantastic job of describing the world as it is. But again, Hume said you cannot get an ‘ought’ from an ‘is.’ You can’t get moral imperatives from simple observation of facts.”

Michael Falls, a graduate student who attended this discussion, thought it was important to debate God and goodness and agreed with many of the atheist viewpoints, but thought Waugh’s argument was more convincing.

“I really found his argument compelling that in the end there is no purpose if there is no God.”

The debate over God and goodness is guaranteed to continue long after the bus ads come down.

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