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Gold Buyers Say Public Interest Increasing As Prices Rise

Gold Jewelry

Photo: Bryan Allison (Flickr)

Gold buyers say they're paying some of the highest prices in recent memory.

Indianapolis jeweler Greg Bires says he has about 25 people per week selling gold jewelry, which he says has been steady for well over a year.

“I think there‘s so much more awareness of it now,” Bires said. “And so people are starting to really think about ‘I’ve got all this broken jewelry or old jewelry I don‘t wear any longer,‘ and so they‘re making a bigger effort to bring it in now.”

He says he‘s paid $2,000 for a small bag of gold jewelry. He also says many people keep their jewelry in the original box with the sales slip, and he‘s finding he is paying more for the gold than what it was bought for 20-years-ago. Gold closed at around $1,764 an ounce as the Hong Kong markets ended trading Tuesday.

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