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Going Green Part of Middle Way House Move

With the help of local businesses and community leaders, one local organization finds a new home. But space isn’t the only reason why Middle Way House is moving.

The old Coca Cola building is under construction, and will soon be the new home for Middle Way House. Executive Director Toby Strout says that the move is extending its help to the community and the environment by going green.

Toby Strout is the Executive Director of Middle Way House. “We have always felt that it was important to be a very integral part of the community and a leader in the community and making things happen that make life better for all people, not just for the women we serve.”

By going green, Strout says it will save the organization money, and that will in turn be invested in programming efforts to better serve their clients.

“What if we were able in fact to cut down on our use of fossil fuel on our energy cost, what will that free up in terms of program possibilities? The project is expected to be complete by fall of 2009.”

Lamar Holliday Reporting.

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