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Indianapolis Gaming Convention Expected To Bring $47 Million

gen con

Photo: Daniel Incandela (flickr)

The Gen Con gaming conference ends Sunday in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis’ annual gaming convention that started this week and continues through Sunday is expected to bring in more than 40,000 attendees and $47 million into the city.

Gen Con is held at the Indiana Convention Center and is the biggest convention held in Indianapolis each year.

Downtown Comics owner Doug Stevenson says Gen Con attendees always spend big money—boosting his business.

“[Business] doubles and triples at the downtown store for one week,” he says. “It’s the best week of the year.”

Stevenson says Gen Con also helps him build his clientele and make inroads with distributors and manufacturers.

Meantime, Rocket Fizz Candy store Kim Nething says her business was a big hit with Gen Con attendees when she first opened last year.

“We are anticipating a nice crowd again this year and it’s great to see their costumes and their smiling faces,” she says. “We have a blast.”

Nething says she’s already seeing a big rise in sales and wants to see Gen Con return year after year.

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