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Gallup Says Majority of Americans Want Third Political Party

Federal workers protest the government shutdown.

The percentage of Americans who want a third party has reached a ten year high, according to a recent Gallup poll. 60% of Americans say there needs to be a third political party because they don’t feel represented by either the Democratic or Republican Party.

The Libertarians are the third largest political party in the country, and the Libertarian Party Indiana State Chair Daniel Drexler has seen a steady rise in paid members, requests to run for office and voter totals.

“What we have seen actually is the Democrat and Republican parties moving more and more to their fringe base and that really has opened up the independent and the  middle of the road libertarian voters for a real option,” Drexler said.

But School of Public and Environmental Affairs Professor at Indiana University Matthew Baggetta says the increase in desire for a third party is directly linked to the government shutdown and the effects likely won’t last until the next election.

“When it becomes When something that is not in the news constantly I think people will naturally sort of moderate their thoughts about whether or not this is even something they should have an opinion about or be very concerned about,” Baggetta said. “I think that is part of  it, it just because it is so at the forefront of what is going on.”

In 2012 the vast majority of people voted for one of the two major parties, most of the races did not include a libertarian candidate, in those that did candidates received less than 6% of the vote.

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