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FSSA Already Preparing For Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0

Debra Minott, FSSA Secretary

Photo: Brandon Smith, IPBS

Debra Minott, FSSA secretary, says in order to have enough time to implement HIP 2.0, they must prepare now, before it's approved.

Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration is preparing for implementation of HIP 2.0, its healthcare expansion plan even though federal approval of the program could still be months away.

Only Hoosiers earning up to 100 percent of the federal poverty level – about $24,000 for a family of four – are eligible for the current Healthy Indiana Plan.

That still leaves more than 300,000 people without affordable health insurance coverage.

HIP 2.0 would fully fund coverage for those below 100 percent of the poverty level and expand eligibility up to 138 percent – about $33,000 a year.

A mandatory public comment period for the proposed plan ends Saturday and the state will submit its request for approval to the federal government by the end of June.

FSSA Secretary Debra Minott says her agency is moving forward on the assumption the federal government will approve the plan.

“We recognize that we’re getting started ahead of the game but if we wait until we know definitively what everything is, we definitely will not have enough time,” Minott says.

Minott says preparations are purposefully flexible in case the federal government makes changes to Indiana’s proposal, or rejects the plan entirely.

“You know, some of this work that we’re doing will actually help us even manage the existing program more efficiently than it’s done today, so it’s really a win-win,” Minott says.

Minott says the state is aiming to roll out HIP 2.0, if approved, by April 2015.

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