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Forest Alliance Protests Logging In Indiana State Forests

Members of the Indiana Forest Alliance gathered outside of the Indianapolis Statehouse on Thursday to protest logging in Indiana state forests.

“Forests aren’t a cash crop! Make the logging stop! Forests are not a cash crop! Make the logging stop,” about 40 members of the Indiana Forrest Alliance chanted while holding signs and banners.

Indiana Forrest Alliance President David Haberman says the group is determined to stop what he calls the ‘illegal logging’ of Indiana State Forests.

“Our claim is that they are violating federal law, state law, and public trust in the current commercial logging program that they are running in the state’s forests,” he says.

Haberman says the Forest Alliance filed a lawsuit against the Department of Natural Resources, alleging commercial logging is damaging the endangered Indiana bat’s habitat.

The governor says the state is not clear cutting and all logging is being done responsibility.

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