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Forbes Ranks Bloomington As Town With Best Work-Life Balance

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Photo: Adam Lederer (Flickr)

The average Bloomington resident works about 32 hours per week.

Bloomington, Ind., has been named the best place for people who are looking for a good work-life balance, according to a list compiled by Forbes.

Forbes used information from a report put out by the personal finance site NerdWallet that identified how much full-time employees work per week in the 536 largest cities across the country.

The site also looked at the commute time, income and cost of living of each city to calculate which one offered employees the best and worst opportunities for a good balance of personal and professional life.

Lynn Coyne, president of the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation, says Bloomington attracts employers who understand the importance of quality of living.

“Our feedback from employers who have come and grown in this area emphasize that the ambiance and the quality of the work environment and living environment in Bloomington is a major force in keeping and attracting talented workers,” Coyne says.

Here are Bloomington’s numbers:

  • Average work time per week: 31.9 hours
  • Average travel time to work: 15.2 minutes
  • Median earnings: $35,908
  • Median gross rent: $788

Coyne says this list confirms what they already knew about living and working in Bloomington.

“I think if Bloomington represents anything to me it’s opportunity for everybody,” Coyne says. “From early education through post-graduate education. From employment in about any kind of employment you would want to have. Bloomington, the top thing it represents to me is opportunity to achieve.”

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