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Football Players Must Sign Concussion Waiver


Photo: Ty Shortsleeve (Flickr)

Football Eastbrook plays against South Adams in 2008.

A new law protecting high school athletes against head injuries went into effect Sunday.

Medical experts testified in the past legislative session that helmets did not provide enough protection, so until further studies provide more conclusive results, Indiana‘s high school athletes and their parents are going to be required to sign an information sheet about the risk of head injuries.

Dr. Joseph O‘Neill at the University of Notre Dame, who played high school football himself, says he and the young athletes who followed him failed to recognize that concussion is a traumatic brain injury.

“The brain that they have been given is something that has to last them all their lives,” he says. “And so those days of rubbing dirt on it, shaking it off, you know, and then getting up and getting back in–those days are gone.”

The new law also gives coaches an incentive to take injured players out of a game.

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