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How Proposed FDA Regulations On E-Cigarettes Affect Indiana


Photo: Ramsey Mohsen

E-cigarette companies do not have to register their products with the FDA.

The Food and Drug Administration is proposing new regulations for electronic cigarettes after getting pressure to act on electronic cigarettes from anti-smoking advocates who say the product could be a gateway to tobacco products as well as e-cigarette companies who want the regulations to ensure substandard products don’t flood the market.

Under the new proposals, companies would have to register their products with the FDA, and any company that wants to sell e-cigarettes would first have to get FDA approval.

“I think that’s significant for Indiana because Indiana is often a test market for new tobacco products, so I think that will bring further protections for our citizens here,” says Miranda Spitznagle,
State Department of Health Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission Director.

Indiana University School of Public Health professor Jon Macy says it’s a good thing the FDA is regulating e-cigarettes, but Indiana shouldn’t wait to take additional steps at the state level. He says tobacco companies are outspending the state and anti-smoking organizations by a wide margin.

“In terms of being able to do research to figure out their marketing strategies and the impact of their marketing is difficult when you don’t have the resources in the state,” Macy says.

The FDA is also proposing setting a minimum age restriction on who can buy e-cigarettes.

Indiana has a law banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. But Macy says additional state regulations could include limiting how companies are allowed to market e-cigarettes and where they’re allowed to be sold.

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