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Experts Predict Record High Corn Yields, Lower Prices


Photo: David Cornwell (flickr)

A healthy field of corn in Noble County. Indiana is the fifth largest corn producing state in the country.

Experts are predicting record-high corn yields this year in Indiana.  They’re crediting the cool temperatures this summer and consistent rainfall early in the season.

Chuck Borgmeier owns Mariah Creek Farms in Knox County.

“Temperatures have been very moderate and even cool, but that’s what corn likes, especially,” he says.

Purdue Agricultural Economist Chris Hurt agrees with Borgmeier.

“We don’t have a lot of stress in terms of the heat,” Hurt says, “And that means both a beautiful summer for both the people and for our lawns as well as for our corn in the fields of Indiana.”

Hurt says the high yield is good news for consumers, too. A corn surplus means lower prices on everything from cooking oil to animal feeds.

And eventually he says those lower feed prices will translate into higher profits for meat producers.

“It’s going to be a very profitable time this year, and even for a couple of years to come, for the animal sector in Indiana and throughout the United States,” he says.

Hurt says higher meat production will eventually bring down the cost of chicken, pork and beef, all of which have reached record highs this summer.

Indiana is the fifth largest corn producer in the country.

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