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Excise Citations Up 60 Percent Over 2006

Indiana Excise Police report a 60 percent increase in the number of citations issued in Bloomington between August 22nd and the 25th, as compared to the same period one year ago. Officer Travis Thickstun attributes the hike in part to more diligent enforcement efforts. Officers also cited three local businesses. They include Kilroy’s on Kirkwood, Fajitas Mexican Restaurant, and Big Red Liquors on North College.

Eighty-one individuals were cited for illegal possession, consumption, or transportation of alcohol, 38 with possession of false identification, and twenty with entering a tavern or liquor store. Nine adults were charged with providing alcohol to minors, and 33 people face drug possession, public intoxication, and other charges. Thickstun says if prior years are any indication, alcohol-related offenses will taper off as the semester gets underway. He says such violations tend to spike at the beginning of fall and spring terms, and during the Little 500 weekend.

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