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Evansville Storm Leaves $100 Million In Damage

Friday’s severe weather near Evansville left 55-thousand homes and businesses without power. Vectren’s Vice President of Communications Chase Kelley says as of Monday morning only 80 to 90 customers remain without power.

“Including tree trimmers, we had about 600 to 700 individuals out working essentially 24/7 as they would kind of rotate shifts,” Kelley says.

In addition to thousands of uprooted trees, snapped power lines and dozens of damaged structures, National Weather Service Meteorologist Rachel Trevino estimates there is over $100 million in total damage caused by what she calls a ‘macro burst.’

“Wind speeds averaged 60 to 90 MPH but there were frequent peaks over 100 MPH with a 120 MPH estimated max out of it.”

The macro burst left a path length of 35 miles with a width of up to 4 miles. The forecast calls for scattered thunderstorms late tonight and on Tuesday as a cold front moves into the area.

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