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It’s Ernie Pyle’s Birthday. Could This Become A National Holiday?

Ernie Pyle Museum

Photo: Sara Wittmeyer

Displays at the Ernie Pyle Museum in Dana, Indiana, depict scenes from Pyle's columns.

Albuquerque is planning to honor acclaimed World War II war correspondent Ernie Pyle who died before he was able to return home.

Pyle was born in Indiana and had planned to move to Albuquerque before he was killed.

Pyle was known for publishing harrowing, firsthand accounts of the war and the sacrifices the young soldiers made.

New Mexico has honored the writer since the legislature declared Aug. 3 as Ernie Pyle Day in 1945. Event organizers are celebrating Pyle’s 117th birthday today with a keynote address by longtime war correspondent Joe Galloway and a speech by a University of New Mexico journalism professor.

Event organizers and participants hope that Pyle will one day receive his own national holiday.

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