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Energy Proposal Includes Features From Existing Program

Duke Energy Gibson Plant

Photo: Duke Energy

Duke Energy Gibson Plant in Gibson County, Indiana.

Former Governor Mitch Daniels‘ “Energize Indiana” energy-efficiency programs may be ending, but NIPSCO has its own plan ready to take over in its place.

NIPSCO spokesman Nick Meyer says the Merrillville-based utility‘s proposal would extend the features of “Energize Indiana” to at least 2015.

“Many of the same popular programs will be available. For instance the air condition recycling program, the home energy assessment with some weatherization components, rebates,” says Meyer. “There’s a number of things that will continue to be available to customers.”

Through these programs, NIPSCO expects residential customers to save 49.5 million kilowatt hours in 2015.

Meyer says an opt-out provision for larger commercial and industrial customers is also included, as many of NIPSCO’s large customers have already implemented and continue to invest in energy efficiency measures outside of the standard utility programs.

Meyer says he hopes that state utility regulators and consumer advocates will approve the plan.

“The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission will take a very close look at what we proposed, looking at everything from are these programs cost-effective, how are they helping customers, and ultimately they’ll provide a decision as to what those programs look like.”

Lawmakers eliminated the Energizing Indiana program during this year’s legislative session. Governor Mike Pence has been vocal about what he calls the state’s need to rethink its energy strategy.

A preliminary draft of the new energy plan is due this month. A final version is supposed to be complete by October.

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