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Former Ellsworth Aide Entering 8th Congressional Race



Scates, his wife and four children.

Democrat and Southern Indiana Businessman and Farmer Patrick Scates announced today he will be challenging 8th district incumbent Larry Buschon in next year’s election. Scates, a former aide to Brad Ellsworth, said fears over re-election have caused politicians to gridlock in Washington.

“Somebody needs to go out to DC who has the mindset of, not worrying about the politics side of it but just moving this country forward,” Scates said. “And I believe with my background I am the right person to do that.”

Scates, who was born is Evansville and has helped run his family’s 113-year-old farm, in addition to owning his own business, said Congressman Buschon is out of touch with his constituents. Scates said Congress is not only not moving in the right direction, he said it is not moving in any direction.

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