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Ellettsville Residents Rally Around Softball Team

The town of Ellettsville may finally have a team to rally around besides one from Indiana University. The Edgewood High School girls softball team is headed to the state final Saturday and some local residents are jumping on the bandwagon.

When the Edgewood girls softball team practices, there’s plenty of chatter and it seems like they rarely drop the ball. That’s also a good way to describe how the town has rallied around the girls as they head into a Saturday state final game against Merrillville’s Andrean High. The town is peppered with signs along Route 46 and locals, such as restaurant owner Barry Becker, say the team’s success is a hot topic.

“I hear it in my store all the time, people say they are going to go all the way.”

Team coach Mick Hammett says he’s had to work to keep his team focused on the game, but says the town’s support has been a boost.

“It’s shown through the forefront the love and caringness the people here have for each other and we’re blessed they’re showing it for our team right now,” Hammett says.

The Mustangs take the field at 4 p.m. Saturday at Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis.

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