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Elevated BPA Levels Could Cause Problems For Pregnant Women


Photo: Blake Facey (Flickr)

Researchers at Riley Hospital question the study, saying too small a sample was used.

The interim Director of Developmental Pediatrics at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health is responding to a study on pregnant women with elevated levels of the chemical Bisphenol A, also known as BPA.

Researchers studied 244 mothers, measuring their urinary BPA while they were pregnant. They found that increased BPA levels in mothers while pregnant correlated to more anxious, depressed behavior and poor emotional control in girls at age 3. There was no association between maternal BPA levels and behavior problems in boys.

However, Dr. Abigail Klemsz cautions against taking the study too seriously.

“The girls were only higher in a couple scales,” she says, “and it may not even be something that you might not see in another population. They really didn‘t have a good control group.”

BPA is found the linings of some cans, plastic bottles and other paper products.

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