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Edgewood Students Commemorate Lincoln’s Birthday

This year is the bicentennial celebration of the birth of our sixteenth president. Many people are coming together to commemorate Abraham Lincoln’s most formative years here in Indiana.

Children at one Indiana elementary school learned about Abraham Lincoln as both the lawyer and leader. Fourth graders at Edgewood Intermediate School prepared log cabins made from pretzel sticks and chocolate icing. The students also fashioned campaign posters and stamps, and wrote letters to Lincoln.

Cathy Hicks is their fourth grade teacher. “Right now we’re getting ready to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday. We made pennies this morning. They [the students] designed the back side of a penny, because four new pennies are going to be issued this year in honor of Lincoln,” she said.

Hicks said she tries to make activities engaging, as students learn about Lincoln’s childhood. “I hope they’re excited. I love history and I try to get the kids to do that. We do a lot with Lincoln every year, because he fits right into our study of Indiana, since he grew up here, and we do our pioneer study at the same time.”

She argues it was Indiana where Lincoln began to learn the skills which carried him to the Oval Office- and she said parents are still teaching them today.

“One of the quotes he used [referring to Indiana] was ‘There I grew up.’ He learned his values here in the state of Indiana, and I like to think they’re the values that a lot of people in Indiana carry with them through their daily lives.”

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