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Durable Medical Kits Could Help Police Officers Save Lives


Photo: John P. (Flickr)

An Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer walks along the street at the Indianapolis 500.

The Fraternal Order of Police Foundation wants to equip every Indianapolis police officer with a life-saving trauma kit.


The kits cost $100 each and consist of simple tools like scissors, an airway and military-style bandages. They’re so expensive because they’re extremely durable — they can be thrown like a football to officers in need during fire fights.

“So if there’s an injured officers or an injured civilian, this can be given to them and told very quickly, ‘This is what you need to do and the steps to do it,’” says Dr. Andrew Stevens, Deputy Medical Director for Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services.

He says there is a 90 percent survival rate when the kits are applied within six minutes of a serious trauma.

The foundations estimates it will need to raise $150,000 to supply Indianapolis police officers with the kits.

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