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Drought Affecting Nearly All Of Indiana

Indiana’s drought is taking a toll on this year’s crops. Throughout the month of June, rain has been sporadic and according to the Indiana Climate Office, the drought is expected to continue into July. Currently 88 percent of the state is being affected by the drought.

Chris Hendricks is the owner of the Hendricks AGRA enterprise in Franklin, Indiana. He says his corn and beans are really starting to suffer.

“We’re to the point now where we’re really needing some water to keep things growing and progressing. We’re starting to see a lot of stress in the plants,” Hendricks says.

 The soybeans and corn are beginning to curl to protect themselves from the heat and conserve moisture. Hendricks says he has been through droughts like this before, but you can never be prepared.

“I don’t know if we’re looking at a weather pattern change or exactly what’s happening, but I know every spring when we plant we hope that this is gonna be a good one,” Hendricks says.

Parts of the state need as much as 15 inches of rain to catch back up to normal levels.

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