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Donnelly Turns Focus To Mourdock In Senate Race

Joe donnelly

Photo: EVAN BAYH (Flickr)

Joe Donnelly Speaks at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.

As state Treasurer Richard Mourdock and Senator Richard Lugar battle in the Republican primary for Senate, Democratic candidate Joe Donnelly appears to have focused his attacks on Mourdock.

In Congressman Joe Donnelly’s speech at the state Democratic Party spring fundraiser, his attacks were centered totally on Richard Mourdock.  Lugar never got a mention. Still, Donnelly says Republican voters will decide who his opponent will be.

“I have a lot of respect for Richard Lugar,” Donnelly says.  “Richard Mourdock worked very, very hard to try to destroy the American automotive industry, so I don’t think that’s appropriate for a man who’s running for United States Senator.”

Political analysts have said that Donnelly has a better chance of beating Mourdock than Lugar in the general election. But Donnelly says it doesn’t matter to him who comes out of the primary.

“Doesn’t matter to me – my focus is on jobs and job creation and so I’m willing to have that discussion with either person.”

Donnelly is unopposed in Tuesday’s primary election.

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