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DNR’s GiveIN Game Program Begins For Second Year


Photo: Steven W. (Flickr)

The state says its GiveIN Game Program could help thin overpopulated deer herds.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is continuing a program that allows hunters to give extra deer meat for needy families.

Indiana Conservation Officer Jay Noble says the GiveIN game program was a success after its launch last year.

“I foresee it running very smoothly in the same as last year; it’s really easy to do, if you get into the DNR website there is a link to GiveIN game program and all you have to do is register with your name and email address,” Noble says.

Noble says it is illegal to sell, barter and trade for venison. But the DNR program allows hunters to donate meat to a list of families registered with the state. There is no income requirement to register.

Hunter Jeff Deckard signed up for the program last year and says he is participating again this year.

“There is a couple benefits I can give somebody the meats that needs it, and that’s gonna use it. And also thinning the population down on the farm so there will be less crop damage,”  Deckard says.

Registration began Sept.1 and continues throughout the hunting season.

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