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DNR Still Searching For Sick Deer


Photo: Steven W. (Flickr)

Deer with yellow tags on their ear may have been exposed to chronic wasting disease.

The state‘s Department of Natural Resources is renewing the call for deer hunters to keep on the lookout for yellow tags. The ear tags could be an indicator that the deer was exposed to chronic wasting disease while in Pennsylvania.

Two deer from northeastern Indiana farms were tested for chronic wasting disease, and turned out to be negative for the degenerative brain disorder. Southern Indiana will be more of a challenge.

One of the farms lost 20 deer, with yellow ear tags, after part of a fence was knocked down by a falling tree. The farmer was able to get 11 deer back on the farm, while one was hit by a car, and another killed by a bow hunter.

No confirmed cases of chronic wasting disease have been found in Indiana at this point, but conservation officials are asking that anyone who might spot a deer with a yellow ear tag call DNR Law Enforcement.

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