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DNR Opens Central Dispatch Center And Poaching Hotline

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Law Enforcement division will soon open a 24-hour central dispatch center, relying on the public for tips.

Due to a technology upgrade, conservation officers across the state are now able to communicate across the entire state by radio. Lieutenant William Browne says this technology that enables a single dispatch office to take calls from the public and direct them to officers in the relevant area of the state.

“We felt as it was necessary for us to become a professional organization that we have our own dispatch 24-hours a day where one number can reach conservation officers,” he says. “So the public can just make that one phone call and be able to contact their local officer, much like you would in your local sheriff’s department.”

The DNR consolidated several dispatch centers around the state to consolidate their duties into a single office at the Paynetown State Recreation Area on Monroe Lake near Bloomington. As a result, the Peru office was closed, with its four dispatchers retiring, taking a state police dispatching job or quitting the DNR when they did not want to move.

The DNR will now operate a 24-hour hotline where the public can report violators and request rewards. The 24-hour dispatch operation begins midnight on October 29.

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