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Dept. Of Corrections Finds Murderer A Place In Bloomington

robert lee

Photo: Indiana Department of Corrections

Robert E. Lee served 25 years of a 60-year sentence for a brutal murder.

The Department of Corrections has found a place for convicted murderer Robert E. Lee to live in Bloomington when he is released from prison Saturday.

Lee served 25 years of a 60 year sentence for brutally murdering a Bloomington woman in 1986. When he gets out of prison DOC spokeswoman Amy Lanum says Lee must serve one year of parole in Bloomington because that’s the last place he lived.

She will not say where he is going when he gets out, but police will monitor him.

“Lee will be under strict supervision by his parole agent as well as on GPS monitoring,” Lanum says. “Even though we aren’t releasing his location, local law enforcement will be aware of where he’ll be living and if he gets a job where he’ll work.”

The DOC was having trouble finding Lee a place to live earlier this week. He was originally going to be housed at a Bloomington shelter that accepts convicted murderers who have served their time in prison, but Backstreet Missions said it could not accept Lee because of the severity of his crime.

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