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Department Of Education Says ISTEP Glitches Should Be Fixed

istep test

Photo: Bill Shaw/Indiana Public Media News

Many students were kicked off the online ISTEP+ system last year during testing.

The Indiana Department of Education says steps have been taken to ensure schools administering the ISTEP+ test online will not have the problems that were reported last year.

Spokesman Alex Damron says the testing vendor, CTB/ McGraw-Hill updated the testing software and server that is used for the test.

He  says while there may be a few isolated incidents, there shouldn‘t be the problems this year that there were last year.

“It‘s important that this process runs as well as possible and we‘ve made that clear to the online vendor that helps us with this process,” he says. “Last year‘s interruptions were not acceptable.”

Last year, over 9,000 students were kicked off the system and delayed for up to an hour while taking the test. Although testing data was not lost, school officials complained about the amount of stress the problem caused for students.

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