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Democrats To Nominate Former Illinois Lawmaker For Treasurer

Former Illinois Rep. Mike Boland calls himself a "Hoosier by choice."

Indiana Democrats plan to nominate a former Illinois state lawmaker to run for state treasurer this fall.

The Democrats will officially nominate former teacher and Illinois Representative Mike Boland at next weekend’s state party, but the nomination is largely a procedural matter now that he has been chosen.

The party’s choice means it now has candidates for all three state offices decided.

Democrats have known for months who their nominees for secretary of state and auditor would be. Marion County Clerk Beth White is the party’s choice for secretary of state, and Deputy State Examiner Mike Claytor is the choice for auditor.

Boland, who calls himself a “Hoosier by choice,” moved to Indiana two years ago after losing consecutive elections for lieutenant governor and Illinois State Senate.

He says he planned to retire for good but opted to run for Treasurer because he’s dedicated much of his life to public service and saw a chance to help.

“The State Board of Finance, where the Treasurer, the Auditor and the Governor all sit and make some pretty important decisions – they can move some budget items around and things like that,” Bolans says. “I think it’s vital that we have some balance there so that it is not all one party.”

Boland says he wants to expand the role of State Treasurer, working with banks to lower student loan interest rates, helping local communities manage their money and boost economic growth and helping state government be more frugal.

Three Republicans will vie to be their party’s nominee for treasurer, Kelly Mitchell, who works in the state Treasurer’s office, Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold and financial advisor Don Bates.

Incumbent Richard Mourdock is term limited.

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