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Democratic Caucus Members Endorse Kruzan for Mayor

Several members of the Monroe County Democratic Caucus endorsed Mark Kruzan for Mayor in the upcoming election. Thursday six of nine council members of the Democratic Caucus, formally announced their support and endorsement for Mark Kruzan in the upcoming mayoral election.

The members present included: Susan Sandberg, Bloomington City Council President; Dave Rollo, District 4 Council Member; Chris Sturbaum, District 2 Council Member; Mike Satterfield, District 3 Council Member; Andy Ruff, At-Large Council Member and Council Vice President; Tim Mayer, At-Large Council Member and Council Parliamentarian; and Regina Moore, Bloomington City Clerk.

President of the Bloomington City Council Susan Sandberg feels that slow and steady changes are best for the residents of Bloomington.

“I feel very good about the current administration and moving things forward,” she said.

Rollo supports the direction of the city’s leadership. “We believe that it is imperative that a mint course correction is unwarranted and unnecessary,” he said.

At-Large Council Member Tim Mayer has been in the community for more than 40 years and served under three mayors. He feels that the community assistance programs are well supported.

“The utility doubled the rate payer assistance program to $20,000 to those in our community who are in need,” said Mayer.

Mike Satterfield, District 3 Councilmember claims that Kruzan has saved the city funds with economic development projects such as the B-Line Trail.

“Mayor Kruzan saved the city $3.8 million because he chose to take a comprehensive approach in design funding and implementation,” said Satterfield.

Kruzan said he didn’t expect the endorsement. “I’d talked to individual members of their support, but the genesis of today’s event was council member driven and that means and incredible amount to me.”

Meanwhile, mayoral candidate John Hamilton was surprised at the endorsement.

“We have a wonderful city council and I agree with them on lots of things. I don’t agree with them on this,” said Hamilton. “I have had personal assurances from council members that they would be happy to work with me if I am elected mayor.”

Two democratic council members decided to remain neutral in their support for either candidate.

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