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Deer Task Force Plans In-Person June Survey Of Issues

Despite being announced more than a year ago, The Bloomington-Monroe County Deer Task Force will send its members into the community for feedback starting next month. Despite loud public outcry about the deer, just four people attended a Thursday meeting of the task force to discuss what measures it should take to deal the public’s concerns. Task Force Chairman Dave Rollo said the group still has only an abstract idea what the community’s concerns are.

“We’re going into the community by late June to try to get feedback from the public in terms of how they have been affected; their interactions have been with deer, and we’re going to issue a survey so we can get some hard data on what kinds of impacts there have been,” Rollo said.

Rollo expressed the need for continuous management and understanding of what areas are most heavily populated with deer, adding he believes vegetation is a huge problem.

“Griffy is of course a very large wooded area preserve owned by both the university and the city. It is being very several impacted by deer,” Rollo said. “The entire understory of the forest is being overgrazed and there are very few plants that are resistant.”

Rollo said he’s worried about pubic misunderstanding of the purpose of the task force, which he previously said could recommend anything from relocating the deer to authorizing urban sharpshooters to thin the herd.

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