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Volunteers Participate in United Way ‘Day of Action’

An estimated 150 volunteers from various organizations in Monroe County participated in a ‘Day of Action’ by United Way. IU MBA student Samiran De is one of the volunteers who participated. “I try to motivate people throughout the Kelley School of Business to come out and take much more active participation in volunteer work,” De said.

Several agencies received an extra hand today as Bloomington residents took initiative by giving back to the community. Bloomingotn resident Harold Allen said it’s a good idea. “United Way is a good organization to help people when they need help,” he said.

Some volunteers took time to plant trees and set-up emergency shelters in the community. United Way Executive Director Barry Lessow said the day’s benefit is two fold: a single day of volunteering helps organizations now, but might generate more help later.

“Today is one of those days that we feel is really a tremendous opportunity for people to get out, and see what’s happening at organizations and non-profits throughout the community and to do something,” said Lessow.

The event was the 16th Annual United Way Day of Action.

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