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Danny Glover Makes Appearance at Statehouse Monday

Danny Glover

Photo: Steve Rhodes (Flickr)

Danny Glover at Union Rally

The pro-labor rallies at the Indiana Statehouse gained a celebrity boost Monday as actor Danny Glover joined the protests.

“This is where I needed to be, right here at this moment, as workers here are being challenged and being pushed against the wall,” Glover said.

The “Lethal Weapon” star spoke to a smaller crowd of protesters than the Statehouse saw last week, quoting poet Langston Hughes.

“Oh let America be America again. The land that never has yet, and yet must be,” Glover said

Glover said he expects protests like the ones happening in Indiana and Wisconsin to spread all over the country.  Union members have begun a second week of protests over plans to cut collective bargaining rights. Unions have already succeeded in shutting down a bill which would have made Indiana a “right to work” state, but the legislative language could still be inserted into other bills before the session is out.

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