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Daniels Signs Education Reform Bills

Statehouse side 624 416

Photo: Dan Goldblatt (WFIU News)

The bills are a major victory for Daniels.

Governor Mitch Daniels officially signed two planks of his education agenda into law Thursday.

The governor signed bills expanding charter schools and allowing for school vouchers, which would enable low-income families to send their students to private schools.

Daniels says the legislation is a step towards giving all Hoosier children a chance at a quality education.

“Today’s about education,” he says. “It’s also about social justice. It’s about equality.”

Indianapolis parent Randy Duke was among the speakers at the ceremony and thanked lawmakers for passing the education reform measures.

“It is a monumental step,” says Duke, “in the right direction and, like I say, I am so thankful that my daughter will have more options next year than she did this year.”

Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett says he hopes to have the vouchers program up and running by the start of the next school year.

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