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Daniels Says He’ll Change Course On Proposals Focus

Governor Daniels’ first three years in office produced a whirlwind of legislative proposals. But this year, he says that’s going to change.

In Daniels’ first year, he swamped the General Assembly with 74 proposals. Last year’s session featured eleven Daniels proposals, including full-day kindergarten and an unsuccessful pitch for two new toll roads. But Daniels says his focus in 2008 will be almost exclusively on property taxes.

Daniels says the property tax issue is so complex and politically charged that throwing more agenda items onto the table could complicate the process. Daniels has specifically ruled out a revival of his call to privatize the lottery to raise money for college scholarships. That bill passed the state Senate last session, but never got a hearing in the House. The governor says there will be room for a couple of less controversial issues, including an effort to improve enforcement of child support orders.

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