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Dalai Lama Addresses Press; Tibetan Bazaar Showcases Culture

On the last day of the Dalai Lama visit to Bloomington, his holiness addressed reporters on compassion.

“Affectionate mind, affectionate heart not only bring inner peace but also our physical health. Agitated mind very harmful. Not only destroy our peace of mind, but also our health ruin. So according to medical scientists they say constant fear, angry or anger, hatred actually eating our human system.”

Not everyone had a ticket to see the Dalai Lama speak this week, but everyone had an opportunity to check out the traditional Tibetan items for sale outside the IU auditorium.

Billowing prayer flags mark the entrance to the large white tent housing the Tibetan Bazaar. Inside, vendors display authentic Tibetan antiques, handmade jewelry and intricate artwork.

“This is an Appliqué Thangka, which is all silk,” said Dean Dickinson who was there with the Thangde Gatsal Art Studio. “There is no painting on this. It’s all handmade silk pieces that are sewn together and glued together and put on this medium.”

Bowls on display may sound like wind chimes, but are actually Tibetan singing bowls originally used to help Buddhist monks enter a state of meditation.

Shakti of the Bodhisattva Trading Co., Inc. said those authentic antiques were made between 100 and 400 years ago. “There’s lots of different ways you can hit them, with a mallet for example, or you can rim them with the wooden end of the mallet and get completely different tones.”

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