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Cummins Cutting 350 Indiana Jobs

Columbus-based Cummins has announced another round of local job cuts. The engine manufacturer is looking to eliminate about 350 hourly jobs from its southern Indiana workforce by the end of the month. The latest announcement comes in addition to more than 2,500 job cuts to the company’s worldwide workforce.

Spokesman Mark Land said the company has offered voluntary retirement packages to about 700 employees, hoping about half will accept. Land said the voluntary cuts may avert further layoffs.

“What we’ve done is folks [Cummins employees] are going to get full benefits – if they’re entitled to,” Land said, “and then we’ve taken some extra steps to kind of improve the package in the hopes of getting folks interested.”

Workers at Cummins plants in Columbus and Seymour with at least 30 years of service are eligible for the retirement package. Workers over the age of 55 who have been with the company more than ten years are also eligible.

The hourly jobs Cummins is looking to cut are mostly blue-collar. Representatives from the union representing Cummins assembly-line workers would not comment on the company’s voluntary retirement offer.

Cummins employs more than 6,000 Hoosiers as part of its global workforce, which exceeds 40,000 individuals.

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