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Road Crews Work To Stay Ahead Of Snow

Snow Plow

Photo: Dan Goldblatt/WFIU News

Roads were so bad that one Bloomington plow driver had to be pulled back up a residential street near Sare Rd. after getting stuck Wednesday morning.

Up to a foot on snow fell on portions of south-central Indiana Wednesday, and crews across south-central Indiana have been battling the weather since early in the morning.

When Troy Brewer started his snowplow well before dawn, he knew he would be in for a long day.

“You can see what the visibility is in daylight, so you can imagine what it was at four o’clock this morning,” he says.

Brewer is a heavy machine operator for the city of Bloomington. He says roads that typically see the heaviest traffic were the top priority. He then worked to clear residential roads so emergency workers could get into neighborhoods as needed.

Bloomington’s Director of Public Works, Susie Johnson says crews will be on the job as long as they need to be this evening.

“We’ll keep plowing the roads back until we think its about to stop, then we’ll start putting material down as we plow out that last bit of snow.” she says.

Johnson says while her crew is always prepared for winter weather, a blizzard like this puts extra strain on everyone.

A snow emergency made it illegal for non-emergency workers to be out on the roads Wednesday, but that did not stop many from venturing out into one of the worst snowstorms this area has seen in years.

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