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Crews Work To Restore Power After Storm

Several crew members have been working to restore power from storm damage in Solsberry about 20 miles west of Bloomington.

National Weather Service officials say while there was no tornado in Solsberry early Wednesday morning, straight line wind did plenty of damage. At about 1 a.m., Sara Martindale and her family were awakened by a loud banging. It wouldn’t be until much later in the day that she’d discover that sound was her family shed being ripped apart by the wind and tossed across State Road 43.

“We knew it was bad because we had never heard anything like that. I mean we didn’t hear like a train or anything,” she says. “We mostly just heard the wind pick up really hard and then we heard a bang against the back of the house so we knew something had hit we didn’t know the extents or anything cause we were basically just focused on trying to get everybody in the basement.”

Volunteer firefighter Don Thie says at least 11 homes were damaged and several familieswere without power throughout the day.

“They are still at this time currently getting power to many of the homes, I’m not sure how many homes were out but there were several in the Beech Creek Township area that had been reported of being out of electrical service,” he says.

Despite the property damager, no injuries were reported in Solsberry.

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