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Creation Science Bill Passes Indiana Senate


Photo: Jasont82 (Wikimedia)

The bill passed 28-22. It now moves to the House.

Hoosier public schools could teach theories about the origins of life other than evolution under a bill that passed the Senate Tuesday.

Auburn Republican Dennis Kruse’s bill language is pretty simple: it says a school corporation can require the teaching of various theories on the origin of life. Senate Minority Leader Vi Simpson amended language into the bill mandating that the curriculum include theories from multiple religions including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Scientology.

Portage Senator Karen Tallian says the entire concept violates everything America stands for.

“I speak for the Constitution. And the Constitution sheds a tear today that we’re even talking about this,” Tallian says.

Some say the bill leaves teachers and schools open to costly lawsuits. But Kruse says he thinks the language of the bill avoids that issue.

“If they decide they want to do this, it’s not one religion, this is multiple religions. It can be all religions the way it’s written in here,” he says.

The bill passed 28-22. It now moves to the House, where Kruse says more work can be done to better craft it.

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